The majority of Ancon products are manufactured from stainless steel. This material offers many advantages to the specifier and its use in the Construction Industry as it continues to increase. Stainless steel building products ensure a high degree of corrosion resistance without requiring additional protection.

The advantages of using Stainless Steel include:

Life–cycle costing benefits

Excellent corrosion resistance & resistance to unsightly staining

100% recyclable & 60% recycled content

High ductility & strength


Excellent high and low temperature properties

Aesthetic surface finish

Stainless steel is 100% recyclable. When a product finally reaches the end of its long service life, it remains a valuable source of its main alloying elements – chromium, nickel and molybdenum. These can be easily recovered and returned to the production process. Stainless steel recycling is an economically viable, self-sustaining process.

There are considerable savings in energy and reduced CO2 emissions in production methods which use recycled materials. The amount of recycled material in any stainless steel product is typically 60% and, as scrap availability is the limiting factor, this percentage will increase as the use of stainless steel continues to grow. The raw material produced today will not be recycled for many years.

In addition to a product’s end-of-life recycling, any scrap material generated during its manufacture is recycled in the same way. Ancon recycles 100% of its stainless steel scrap so no raw material is wasted in the manufacture of our products.

Stainless Steel has a wide range of construction applications. It is typically contains alloying elements of at least 18% chromium and 8-10% nickel. One of the most typical differences in composition have no significant effect on the material’s excellent all-round corrosion resistance.

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